5 Day Workout Routine for Beginners

This article is for you; if you have a keen interest in shaping your muscle and physique in a shorter period without having to waste so many hours at your local gym.

This article is for you if you are not a fan of being in the gym daily doing routines that you do not like.

It is also for you if you have the following questions;

These and others are just a few examples of the questions most people ask themselves while on their journey towards getting the ultimate physique.

Piece of advice – there is no universal ‘best’ way of building your muscle and physique.

However, there are easy and simple ways you can adopt in your daily routine that can speed up this process and make the journey much more enjoyable for you.

First of all, you have to combine a good diet plan and training ethics which you will have to use simultaneously for best results.

Do not feel discouraged if you do not see speedy results, be assured that you will eventually see positive results.

This article is aimed at giving you a practical 5 day workout routine that will get you ripped in no time.

It can also work as a gym program for beginners or a 5 day workout routine for weight loss.

Either way, by the end of this article you will be armed with information on how you can go about in creating the best workout routine for yourself.

What you need to consider when developing your workout routine

As a beginner, you have to start slow and then you go building up momentum so that your body adjusts accordingly.

You do not want a situation where you shock your body by intensive workouts on your first week.

We generally recommend you set a specific time for your training four or five days a week for consistency.

You should consider the following;

  • Establish a habit of working out

They say you only need to do something every day for 21 days for it to become a habit.

Well, it may not be a general rule this is no different when it comes to working out. You need to make it your goal to work out every day until it becomes part of you.

For example, if you subscribe to a gym it is advisable you always have your gym gear close to where you can see it as a cue for you to take action.

Do it until you no longer need cues to conduct your exercise routine.

If you need to set up reminders or sticky notes then by all means do it.

The point is, develop a habit until it becomes your second nature.

  • Be flexible

None of all the workout routines you have come across or even the one included in this article is cast on stone. If there is something that works for you, go ahead and embrace it.
If for some reason there is something that does not seem to work, adopt an alternative.

For instance, if you already have good grip strength, you can focus on working on your calves or forearms.

  • Be strict with your routine

I know this sounds confusing after we have just said you need to be flexible above. Allow us to clarify; as much as you should be flexible, try not to get too distracted. Use your schedule and stick to it for consistency and also for best results.

  • Have adequate rest intervals

This is the best balance for the above two points, the need to be flexible and strict with your routine simultaneously.

Why should you take rest intervals?

So as to prevent boredom as you do your training sets. Take some breaks in between, breathe in, breath out, make a phone call, listen to some music, or do anything else that will relax your brain muscles – yes they need it too!

You can do a short rest of 20-30 seconds, moderate rest of 1-2 minutes, or a long rest of 2-5 minutes on average. One more thing, have a uniform resting time in order to have consistent results.

  • Selecting the weights to use for exercise

Selecting a weight to use may not be as easy as it seems. Your gym instructor can assist you to select, but should you be the one to select, then go for a weight that you feel you can work with until the last rep. you should use this same weight for each set of your exercise.

For example, if you want to do the bench press, choose a 90kg weight that you can use for 4 sets of the 5 reps needed.

Once you are able to reach the target reps without really breaking a sweat, you can challenge yourself and go for a heavier weight.

Ideal exercises for beginners

  1. Push up exercise: these ones include bench press alterations, dumbbell press alterations, military press, push-ups, landmine press, and push press.
  2. Body lifts: they involve half-kneeling lifts, overhead lifts, plank alterations, roll outs, chops, and pallof presses.
  3. Leg work: they include forward lunges, reverse lunges, lateral lunges, split squats, step-ups, and leg-hip thrusts.
  4. Hip hinges: they involve various deadlifts such as the trap-bar, conventional, sumo, or Romanian.
  5. Squats: there are various variations of squats such as front squats, back squats, and box squats.
  6. Pulling workouts: these ones involve chest workouts, barbell rows, dumbbell rows, pull-ups, and chin-ups.
  7. Carries: these ones involve the simulation of carrying something such as a suitcase, cross body or the bilateral carry.

You can choose to ace either of these, or do a combination of them to develop your workout routine.

If you consistently follow through them, you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

They can respond to whichever goal you set for yourself; for instance if your goal is to lose weight, or to add some body mass, or simply to gain strength.

For instance, you can choose to do them in the following process;

  • 10 pushups
  • 15 walking lunges
  • 20 second planks
  • 25 body push-ups
  • 10 dumbbell rows
  • 20 jumping stunts
  • Repeat every three rounds

Your workout outline

The objective of developing your workout routine is so that you are able to build your body muscle and physique each day while upgrading your exercise routine in a gradual process.

The desirable plan is to train one muscle group each day for five days, that is, shoulders, chest, biceps, and back.

We advise you do this routine for 8 continuous weeks to see consistent results. It will also enable you to see progress in both endurance and strength.

  • Monday – Chest and abs
  • Tuesday – Leg day
  • Wednesday – Back day
  • Thursday – Arm day
  • Friday – Shoulder day


For your chest day, you can choose to start with simple bench press exercises, then progress to heavy bench press routines.

Afterwards, you can proceed to do a combination with dumbbell hammer press workout routine.

Once you start with the hammer press, you can do short delays of around 10 seconds at the shortest part of your workout so that you ensure you fully stretch and have an ideal form.

Calmly bring the dumbbells down as far as you can, delay for 5 seconds then continue with the routine.


Tuesday is your leg day which is not the easiest day for your workout routine.

You can start by doing some heavy squats, leg presses, and lunges. Start slowly and calmly and then progress gradually so that you do not get muscle pulls which can be quite uncomfortable.

You can also alternate sitting and standing calf exercises and some leg curls continuously until your session is complete.


For your back day, combine dumbbell and lunging exercises simultaneously while working out in slow motion as you gradually increase your pace.

You can choose to count to a certain number as you do this, maybe start with say 1-30 then gradually increase to 40, then 50, and so on.


For your arms, you want to start gradually with wrist exercises as you progress towards full arm workouts.

For this one, dumbbells are a great option to work with. You can do short to moderate workouts to flex your arms.

Thereafter, you can work with weights so as to flex your biceps and triceps muscles. Initially, you will feel some discomfort and pain, but as you progress your body gets used to it.


Friday is shoulder day and here you will notice that somehow all the other workouts combine with the shoulder exercises.

You can do the workout popularly referred to as ‘shoulder external rotation’ which you can do 8-15 minutes sets with short or moderate breaks in between.

Workout options

Option 1

Exercise routine Sets Reps
Dumbbell press (inclining version) –
should start with one arm dumbbell row as a set and gradually increase
3 8
Front squats
Should be clean grip version
3 (complete) 5
One arm dumbbell row 3 10 (each arm)
Dumbbell rear lunge
Should do the main with pallof press
3 10 (each leg)
Pallof press 3 10 (each side)
Dumbbell carry 3 30-40 (each arm)

Option 2

Exercise routine Sets Reps
Barbell deadlift 3 5
Push-ups – you can combine with front or back squats 3 8
Inverted row – can be combines with chops 3 6-8
Chops and body lifts 3 10 (each side)
Carries – bilateral, suitcase 3 25 (each arm)
Squats 3 8-10

Option 3

Exercise routine sets Reps
Bench press workout – can be combined with the chin-up 3-4 5
Chin-up workout 3 5
Body lift workout 3 8
Push-up combines with presses 3 8 (each arm)
Barbell row combined with chin-ups 3 10
Chest and abs rollouts 3 10

What you can bring to your workout session

  • Post-training shake: after working out, the body may be a little dehydrated and having a post-training shake can come in handy. It can be a fruit shake, a milkshake, or a combination of whatever works for you.
  • Notebook: sometimes you may need to track your progress as you work out. Thanks to technology, smartphones now come with notebook and workout apps that can assist you with this task.
  • Change of clothes: depending on when and where you want to do your workout training, you will need different sets of clothes. For example, if you have enrolled in a gym that is close to your office, it means you can either schedule to work out before you start working or after work. In this case, you will definitely need different sets of clothes for each purpose.
  • Music: you can never go wrong with music. Create a workout playlist that will stimulate you as you work out.

Final thoughts

It is important we emphasize again that the above workout routines will only be successful if they go hand in hand with proper nutrition and diet.

This is because good nutrition ensures that your body has increased metabolism and is able to repair itself in between workout sessions.

As we mentioned earlier, this routine is not cast in stone.

Find the exercise routines that work for you and adapt them to your liking then form a habit around them.

The workout routines we have highlighted for you should act as a guide to what will effectively work for you.

With that said, you can consider printing them out and putting them up where you can access them, preferably where you will be conducting your exercise.

This can be at your gym, at home, in your office – it is entirely up to you.

What this action will do is that it will act as a reminder and you will always have something to refer to during your workout routine.

Lastly, getting that badass body is all a matter of sacrifice, hard work, consistency, and discipline.

Once you make peace with this information and accept it, then you are ready for this journey towards building the kind of body you want.

Go out and get it!

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5 Day Workout Routine for Beginners
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