Ben Pakulski MI40 Review

Thinking about buying Ben (Pak-man) Pakulski’s MI40 program? Read my review, this might save you some money!

Hey there, my name is Dan and I thought I would finally share my review and what I think of Ben Pakulski’s MI40 training program.

First, let me tell you a little about myself so you can better understand why I decided to share this.

I was always the sporty type and for the majority of my teen years and early twenties, I considered myself to be very fit.

Life soon got busy after marrying my wife – we had kids (twins – two boys),  both worked long hours while trying to pay off the house and time just seemed to fly by…

I stopped worrying about hitting the gym, began eating more and more junk food to save time and lost all motivation to do or go anywhere.

I was just to tired to do the things I wanted to because I was buggered from work. On top of all that I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

That’s when I packed on the weight…

Doesn’t it suck how you can quickly and easily gain the weight but it seems so hard to get it off?

I knew I had to do something about it, I wanted to be a good role model for my boys…

Someone they could look up too and be proud to call their dad!

So, I decided to do something about it and turned to good old Google for answers.

After reading through all the forums and a few sites I discovered Ben Pakulski MI40 program.

Everyone seemed to have nothing but positive reviews about it so I decided to give it a shot and now I’m going to share my thoughts and experience.

Who is Ben Pakulski?

You’ve probably done a bit of research already and there’s a good chance you’ve heard all about him in bodybuilding forums.

This is because he is globally recognized as one of the top bodybuilders in the world.

You may have even seen him or read about him in bodybuilding magazines..

I soon found that Ben Pakulski is a lot of things.

Having studied Kinesiology in university, he specializes in muscle functioning and movement.

He has been able to achieve one of the best rewards in bodybuilding. His MI40 workouts also add to his fame. >> More details here <<

Dedicated to helping people, he came up with a particular training routine that can help you build up muscles much faster than traditional muscle building programs.

Nutritional coaching is also on the list of his many passions to guide you on the best nutrition that goes well with your workouts.

With over 15 years of experience in bodybuilding, you can be sure that he knows a thing or two about bodybuilding.

What is this MI40?

Let’s start with the very basics…

MI40 means Mass intentions 40 or muscle intelligence 40 in full.

Mass intentions refer to how you control your muscles when you lift different amounts of mass.

Ben Pakulski does not call his training program 40 because it is his favorite number.

He uses science to explain the 40 variable concept.

This refers to 40 – the number of exercises he includes in his training program, 40-minute workouts and 40 seconds of resting.

All this occurs within 40 days of intense workouts.

He promises that if you follow this program, you will definitely build up muscles.

According to other Ben Pakulski MI40 Reviews, this program is one of the most marketed training programs we have, evidently showing that it indeed works.

Keep reading to see where you can get a discount on Ben’s MI40 program so you can save some money…

Who is M140 for?

If you are searching for a solution to build muscle mass just like I was, then I think you’ll be very happy with MI40.

You should, however, have some experience in bodybuilding or be willing to give it a real go for Ben Pakulski M140 training program to have an effect on your body.

This is because the workout sessions that you will be involved in are intense, stretching your muscles to the maximum and require lots of strength.

If you are a newbie in this area, go for the basic full body training so that you first understand how much pain your body can endure with different kinds of weight before enrolling here.

What’s included in the program?

  • 40 Day Mass Gain PDF Guide
  • 40-Day Nutrition Guide
  • 40-Day Detailed Workout Videos (Full 7 hours video training)
  • You Will Als Get The 40-Day Mass Proportion Exercise Execution PDF
  • 40-Day Printable Workout Cheat-Sheets 
  • 40-Day By Day Progress Tracking Sheets 
  • You Get A 40-Days Supplements Gude From Ben.
  • Size Secrets Audio Motivation and Traning

If you already lift weights in the gym and haven’t seen results that you hoped for, you might be wasting your time..

You could be doing it all wrong..Imagine spending all that time in the gym for nothing!

I was doing it all wrong before I found M140..

Ben Pakulski uses a unique approach to help you build muscles faster and more effectively. It obviously works, you just have to look at the guy plus all his students have seen amazing results.

–>> Click here to see more MI40 results

Ben’s Basic Principles

Some the principles that lay the foundation for this program include:

  • Time under tension
  • Range of motion
  • The muscular torque
  • Neurological overload sets

Time under tension (TUT)

Rather than putting your focus on lifting heavy weights, this training program teaches you to concentrate on achieving tension on your muscles for a certain period.

This is what Ben Pakulski refers to as time under tension.

What makes this training different is that you strain more lifting a lighter load by putting more tension on your muscles, unlike the way you normally strain with large heavy lifts.

The secret he says lies in feeling the muscles.

Even if you spend the whole day lifting weights and can’t feel your muscles, you will not be able to exhaust them as required for the hormones responsible for muscle growth to work as it should.

This is what makes brings the difference between a smart bodybuilder and a hard worker in a normal gym.

Neurological overload sets

To wind up your training session, you are required to take up neurological overload sets technology commonly referred to as NOS.

Here, you will be taught how to apply intent to form tension in your muscles.

By using intensifier techniques such as NOS, you are guided on how to execute intent.

This technique helps you overcome plateaus.

It enables your body to create metabolic debt and make your nervous system so that your body adapts to muscle growth.

MI40 nutrition

Many people believe that going to the gym adds your more hunger making you gain weight rather than lose it. This is not very far from the truth but it all depends on you.

You may be religiously following these works out on Ben Pakulski’s training program but have poor nutrition. To help you out, he emphasizes on a certain nutrition.

This comprises the following:

  • Intra workout
  • pre-workout nutrition
  • Post workout nutrition.

Unlike other nutrition programs, MI40 nutrition is not very strict about how you consume fats and carbohydrates.

You are only advised to be committed and disciplined on following the intro, pre and post workout nutrition to form a growing environment.

This training program involves meal plans showing you the right amounts of calories you should consume with every meal provided in the form a nutritional manual.

Ben Pakulski reviews show that 8 meal plans accompanying the workouts are ideal for your body. Your calories range should be between 2500 and 500 kcal.

Nutritional information such as BCAAs, casein, whey, vitamins and omega3s, whey protein is also provided to guide you on what is right for muscle growth.

MI40 Broken Down

Training manual

With this you get familiar with the training system and how it functions.

You learn about the different methods of hypertrophy training. Your expectations are also outlined in the training manual.

Workout videos

Each workout is illustrated to you through graphical videos that take you through each step to teach you the unique techniques to build your body muscles.

Wouldn’t you like to be guided by an instructor who has made world-class athletes such as Champ Emily Stirling win medals? It feels like an honor to me.

Execution guide

The 40 different exercise is illustrated in form of an execution guide that contains pictures and step by step instructions that make it easy for you to follow in case you have limited time to go through the videos.

Demo guides are offered to clearly learn how to follow the steps from the comfort of your home.

Tips on how to get the most out of the workouts are also elaborated so that you can benefit more. The dos and don’ts are outlined to prevent you from hurting your body as you strain your muscles.

Prescription printable workout sheets

As a way of guiding you on the necessary sets required for the different kinds of exercises, you also get the chance to have printable workout sheets.

This tells you the number of reps, lifting speed and intentions that each exercise requires. Neurological overload sets are also explained in detail.

40-day mass pursuit calendar

To help you remember your exercise schedule, they provide you with a mass pursuit calendar.

This contains all the 40 workouts marked on each day to help you remember which workout you are required to do at a specific day.

Therefore you are able to maintain discipline in the process being your own supervisor.

The supplement stack protocol

Working out is a strenuous process that may leave you feeling weak.

Ben understands this and provides you with supplement stack protocol that contains all the necessary supplements that you need to regain your strength.

He focuses on how to quicken recovery so that you can continue growing.

As your muscles build up, the supplements facilitate the process so that you can achieve results faster while minimizing injuries.

Size secrets audio interrogation

If you are doubting if this program actually works, just watch the testimonials from clients who have benefited from it.

This audio interrogation features clients giving you the tips and strategies that they applied for them to achieve results.

Ben also shares some of the under radar strategies that he has personally implemented to help him gain from his workout sessions.

This is proof that MI40 training program actually works.

How do you train?

Whether you are working one or two body parts, your 5 days a week should include at least 40 minutes of workouts.

You can divide your workout into two sessions when working on two body parts.

Train the first body part in the morning and exhaust the other in the evening so that you don’t lose all your energy at the same time.

You are required to go through 6-9 different exercises in a week.

Their exercises are divided into two:

  • Mass construction exercises
  • Mass appeal exercises

When you are done with this and can’t wait to take a rest, do some stretching so that you don’t develop more pain your muscles.

This facilitates quick healing to make your muscles adapt to the intense workout sessions so that you can go back to muscle building.

Does it work?

Don’t be too quick to disregard this training program based on failed attempts while following other training programs before.

If you go through Ben Pakulski MI40 reviews, you will realize that 90% of the clients in this program do not rely on steroids to build up muscles.

By following the unique techniques in this program, they achieve results effectively. So the answer you are looking for is yes, MI40 definitely works.

Tips for followers to keep you motivated

Getting rid of lifting techniques that only make you exhausted and incorporating new movement patterns is the key to making your muscles increase in size.

You need to understand the range of motion.

Strengthen the weak points of your muscles by learning how to manipulate your shoulder, wrist and elbow positions.

Taking lots of under the radar supplements will also give you enough strength to work out.

If you are a believer, get rid of all those heavy weights and start using light ones while adding more intent to your muscles and see the difference in your muscle gain.


  • Efficient training techniques with intense lifting
  • Offers safety and injury free training
  • Genuine nutrition information to help you build lean muscle mass.
  • A 60-day money back guarantee makes you legible for a refund
  • User-friendly videos that give you clear instructions and more elaborations in form of pictures.
  • Supplementing your body with the required calories while following the program will make it work.


  • The amount of info you get can be a little overwhelming.
  • You need a lot of discipline and ability to focus.
  • Lots of reading materials. However, it is broken up in easy to digest format.

Highly Recommended

Final thoughts

The MI40 training program includes training for 40 days while taking 40 minutes of different workout sessions and resting for 40 seconds. More details here <<

The basic principles that he uses different from other bodybuilders are exhausting the muscles so that the hormones responsible for muscle growth can react and neurological overload sets that helps you execute intent.

This program gives you all the necessary material that you need to train using videos and calendars to keep you on track.

It has been three weeks now and so far I am already noticing muscle gains. Especially my arms.

If you want to build muscles, get out of your comfort zone and train on this program today.

MI40 Coupon Code

Thanks to Luke in the comment section for letting me know about this. Don’t pay full price, you can save some money by getting a coupon code at

Might save you some money when buying Ben Pakulski’s MI40. Good luck!

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