How To Get a Beach Body Fast

Here is how to achieve a beach body fast without necessarily hitting the gym

Hello, I am Joan and today, I am going to help you make your dream a reality by teaching you how to get a beach body fast.

This article covers one of the most effective bikini body workouts for ladies to achieve the desired look and gain back confidence.

We will get into details of what the program offers and what you can obtain from it. If you feel intimidated to swim in public due to excessive weight, this piece is meant for you.

Just like me, every woman’s dream is to walk in a bikini feeling sexy with no cellulite to conceal.

I am a career woman, a wife and a mother of adorable twins. Playing different roles each day, made me gain excess weight due to lack of time for myself.

The first year after a complicated pregnancy left me depressed and I had no time to work out since I spent most days building my career.

Excess tummy weight made me shun off tight tops and beach parties since I felt like everyone was noticing the baby fat.

My quest for a sexy beach body led me to bikini body workouts. I am now happy to share a program that has given me a new look.

I hope the information I share will touch you and motivate you to achieve your beach body dream. Enjoy!

Who is the founder of Bikini Body workouts?

The passion for helping young women feel and look good drove Jen Ferrugia to start these workouts.

She is both a fitness model and a health instructor.

Her experience in training and knowledge from her studies in exercise movement science have made her help many women achieve bikini bodies.

Wouldn’t it be an honor to pass through the hands of an expert?

What is the bikini body workouts program?

Do you find yourself admiring models on the cover of magazines and wish you had such a sexy figure?

Believe me when I say that bikini body workouts are what you need. This program combines the most useful tools to help you transform your weight within two months.

Unlike what you have heard before, Jen looks at weight in a different perspective. Instead of spending hours in a gym lifting heavy weights with guys, she handles weight loss through diet and certain kinds of workouts.

The secret to getting a beach body fast is combine training, proper foods, and supplements.

Thanks to everything going digital, you can also get your bikini body workouts program online at an affordable price. Am sure you wouldn’t skip a meal by sacrificing $ 30.00 for a sexy bikini body right?

The following is what you would be getting by purchasing the program.

Summer workout plan

As summer approaches, you should look forward to spending time on the beach, sun basking during a weekend with your hubby and kids.

This plan ensures that you work on your insecurities through following a set of workouts to regain back your shape.

Get online excise videos that are convenient for you to train from home.

All you need is a few dumbbells to start training so that by the time summer is here, you can put on that beautiful bikini you have been longing for.

Workout guide

Combining dumbbell work and body weight exercises makes you achieve a beach body fast. Overhead press and bench press exercises are effective for weight loss and help you burn more fat within a short period and boost your metabolism.

Many people become comfortable with doing workouts that do not challenge them. This is what makes them give up on training. If you are of this kind, you need to hear this.

The secret behind bikini body workouts is the different levels of exercises.

As a beginner, you can start with basics and then proceed to complex workouts such as three variations of tricep dips.

You have to keep on challenging yourself by taking up new levels of challenging exercises.

You can also try V-ups and strenuous abdominal workouts to get rid of cellulite around your waist. Feel free to purchase different kinds of dumbbells so that you can slowly add more weight for you to achieve more.

Training through intervals makes you burn more calories within few hours. Purpose to interchange workouts every day to gain from diverse sets.

You can decide to take up strength workouts one day and cardio intervals the next morning. This workout guide outlines how you should do each set of workouts and the take resting periods in between sessions.

Nutrition guide

I love this program because they do not overemphasize on exercises and leave out nutrition concept.

It allows you to consume what you like without feeling guilty about it.

How cool is that? I was able to learn new healthier foods and quickly change my diet.

Eating healthy and working out helped me get a beach body within two months.

Different from what you have always believed, Jen emphasizes that counting calories are not the solution to losing weight.

Don’t you find it depressing to know that you have to keep on calculating the amounts of calories that you take?

Instead of counting your calorie intake, take time to burn fat and note the difference in your body.

Follow the dietary rules that are provided in this program and forget about hiding your curvy figure in jeans and baggy tops that make you look twice your age. Advice on taking lots of water mostly falls on deaf ears, but this will help you achieve your desired shape.

Start cutting down on your favorite wine since it adds more sugar in your body. Substitute beef with lean protein and avoid skipping meals. Jen also advocates for taking dinner few hours before sleep so that you don’t slow your metabolism by eating right before bed.

Shopping list

If you are feeling confused about what you should eat, Jen has come up with a shopping list that she includes in her program to help you choose foods wisely.

With this program, you don’t have to guess what you need to eat to achieve a bikini body fast.

You can bring along the list the next time you go shopping and try out the new foods.

Booty blast in 21 days

It is time you stopped admiring your friend’s booty and strive to enhance your own through practicing the booty blast from the program.

Different from other workouts, the focus here is on your lower body practicing more squats to lift the muscles on your booty.

A few weeks of booty blasts will make your friends think you’ve had surgery. Give your husband a surprise by enhancing the appearance of your ass without having to undergo any operations.

Learn more about 21 Day Jen’s Booty Blast Here (It’s included in her program free)

Supplement list

Being new on the program, I did not know that supplements are essential in losing weight. If you are a newbie, know that you are not alone.

The program aims at giving you all the details you need to get a beach body fast. You can start by replacing unhealthy oils with fish oil.

It is not only affordable but also accessible at your nearest local store. The oil helps you crave fewer foods for you to take charge of your appetite. It also ensures that you burn fat quickly as you continue with your workouts.

You may notice that most low-calorie foods contain minimal proteins. Worry not because protein powder would be a healthy replacement for you to get sufficient protein content. This will help you build body muscle without interfering with your calorie levels.


You would not be missing out on anything with such great substitutes.

Take advantage of multivitamins recommended in this program to enhance your energy levels for intense workouts. Another reason why you need this program is that Jen gives you advice on the right multivitamins to supplement your body.

Get a beach body fast by using multivitamins that improve your overall health.

Who should enroll in Bikini workouts program?

Some people assume that only medium sized ladies can acquire beach bodies from this program. Avoid such mentalities and move away from friends who discourage you from purchasing it.

Whether small or big, you can achieve a firm, lean body no matter your current pounds.

Bikini workouts suit first-time trainees who have little or no experience with workouts. They offer an introductory program for newbies to help you understand the basics of training.

The program shows how to get a beach body fast as you follow regulations put in place to burn calories within no time.

It also inspires you to become strong and discover the true meaning of beauty.

People who have had more experience from other programs may not benefit so much from it. This is because they probably have encountered the exercises and nutritional guides offered here.

If you have been working out on intense training in gyms, training from home with a few dumbbells may be underwhelming.

In both scenarios, you would not be wasting your money purchasing the program.

Money-back-guarantee is offered to you after some time when you feel no change. Feel free to try it out because you will be losing nothing.

Sitting back and doing nothing about your weight will not give you that beach body you have been yearning for.

Does it work?

The approach that people use while training leaves some disappointed.

If you do the summer workout plan correctly and follow the nutrition guidelines religiously, you will see the difference within weeks.

You cannot gain from repeating the same workout without challenging your gut.

Before you judge this workout too fast, double the weight of your dumbbells and spend less time resting.

By doing this, you make your body adjust to new levels of challenges to raise your training volumes.

I highly recommend the bikini body workouts program because I have gained an impressive body from it.

This is what you need to improve your self-esteem and tone up different body parts such as legs and waist.

Visit Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workout Website For More Info

Final thoughts

To regain back your shape, it will require commitment and hard work so that you can tone up and finally feel sexy in your own skin.

Bikini body workouts teach you how to stop starving yourself to lose weight but exercise smartly to achieve a better figure.

Change your lifestyle today by replacing unhealthy nutrients in your fridge with whole grains.

You may find the workouts difficult at first, but nothing comes easy right?

If you are a mother struggling with baby weight, bikini body workout program will make you fall in love with the lady in the mirror.

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