My Piyo Review – Here’s What I Really Think

Yoga burn mariamHi there, I am Mariam.

So, a friend of mine went ahead and was raving all about PiYo and how great it was, how great she felt after doing it, and so on and so forth.

I listened to her review, decided it sounded cool, and then went ahead with it.

Was it a waste of money? Keep reading to find out…

I decided it would be a great idea because I can’t always make it to the gym. I work 2 jobs and am always really tired at the end of the day.

So, I need a workout that is going to keep me excited and is a bit low impact (I have bad knees).

Naturally I was excited about this low impact, yoga-based workout. I mean, the ability to do it in your own home and low impact?

Sign me up ASAP. I am in pretty good shape but would like to be better.

Well, don’t be like me and just go nuts, buying the first thing you see. I mean, it wasn’t BAD. It was just…okay.

I work way too hard for my money to settle for something so mediocre. Plus, the reviews on line were just hyped with other satisfied customers looking good in their bathing suits and jeans.

Read on so you can decide for yourself.

How I Discovered Chalene Johnson’s Piyo

I heard about this program from a buddy of mine at work. She is a mom with two kids named Deb, and she is a pretty fit lady.

She likes to run while her kids play with their toys and watch cartoons-the sort of lady with a treadmill in her living room.

So, I figured she would know what she is talking about.

She bought and used the DVDs, and then was blabbering on and on about them one day at lunch. So naturally, I decided I’d give it a try.

What’s Included in Piyo Workouts

When you buy PiYo, you get a set of three DVDs, two bonuses, and a chart to help you track your progress.

Yeah, I know, seems kinda good, but let me tell you, the material is all the same on these things. It’s fun and an okay workout, but you do the same moves over and over again.

No other equipment is needed. You just have to wear comfortable clothing and as an option you can buy a yoga mat if you don’t have a soft place to work out.

Why I Quite Piyo – Very little results!

The results I wanted were… well, I wasn’t seeking to come out looking like a Victoria’s Secret Angel or a female fitness model. I just wanted to tone up and lose my pooch.

Our family was going to Florida the following spring for vacation, and I wanted to look good when the gang got together on the beach.

But let me just say this-I looked the same as before I started.

I should have known something was up when the commercials came on. I popped in the DVDs and had to sit through about five (not even joking) advertisements about other Beachbody products.

I had already spent $70 on these DVDS! I have to work 4 hours to make $70. If I have worked for four hours to buy your DVDs, I do not want to see any silly commercials BEFORE my workout starts!

Then finally the workout arrived, hooray!

I got into position on my yoga mat, ready to go. The warm-up was so so, and the workouts just did not challenge me. It felt like a lot of stretching and posing.

I felt like the whole thing was a warm-up. I like to break a sweat when I work out, it makes me feel like a bad-arse. I just didn’t feel challenged…

I completed the circuit of the DVD over the course of the weeks that came. I followed a healthy eating plan. Nothing happened, and I did not feel challenged.

I even did them again to make sure I did it right. Nope.

The Piyo Alternative That Is Working for Me…

Thankfully, I got wise to the program and realized I needed to ditch it if I wanted to look good for my family vacation.

I started doing my homework online (should have done that first!) and found a program that is great for ladies like me who want to work out at home and keep their knees from getting sore. It is yoga-based and IT WORKS!

First off, the website is super friendly and makes you feel excited the minute you click on it. There are images of ladies doing yoga as you click around, motivating you to try it along with them.

Men, I am sure you will love it…but ladies, this is the real deal for us!

The instructor and creator, Zoe Bray-Cotton, is a very experienced yoga instructor and certified personal trainer. Her system is based on a crazy but awesome concept that I will describe in my next paragraph.

I knew I was in the right place!

My Yoga Burn Review & Why It’s Better

So, after reading about this program online and also reading reviews from other students of Zoe Bray-Cotton (especially the review from the woman with the bad back) I knew this would be a better program.

I found this program to be more cost effective and fun overall.

This Workout Features…

  • Cheaper price – You can buy the physical copy of this DVD for only $37 plus shipping and handling which includes the digital program also. You can stream this work-out and do it anywhere (yes anywhere, I did mine once at the airport while on a layover). Or if you spend an extra $20 you get a second copy of everything. Even if you don’t need two copies of this DVD, give it to a friend as a Christmas gift.

  • Better workouts – Can I just say I never got bored doing these? And the way it challenged me made me want to work harder and keep coming back. I was loving how sweaty I got while moving so gracefully through the yoga poses. And my whole body felt better after-like I was working secret muscles I never knew about. It became part of my morning ritual, followed by a shower and cup of coffee. I felt so ready to take on my days after this.

  • Easier to follow program – You just go at your own pace. You can stay at Phase 2 if you are not quite ready for Phase 3. Zoe Bray-Cotton makes you feel good about what you are doing, no matter how fast or slow you go.

  • Faster weight loss – So remember how I told you I hadn’t lost any weight with PiYo? Well, I have been at this a month and still eat healthily. I am down 8 lbs. I feel fantastic. Just 7 more to go and I will be ready for my swimsuit!

Click here to find out more about Yoga Burn at Zoe’s website.

It follows a system called Dynamic Sequencing. You follow the yoga burn program to learn the correct movement, and then you keep on doing it until you get better and better at it.

You force your body to adapt and change up the movement as you do it again and again, resulting in a body that is looking and performing its best!

Phase 1 is known as the foundational flow, where you build up your foundation of yoga and master the basic moves. You will work on building your mind-body connection.

This is where you master the basics.

Phase 2 is the transitional flow. You combine the moves from flow 1 into flow 2 and as a result burn more calories, challenge your body, and get your heart rate up. Your body will be forced to adapt and change to meet the demands of this challenge.

Phase 3 is the Mastery flow. You combine everything and challenge yourself to the highest degree. Your metabolism will be revved, your heart will be pounding, and you will be sweating away all that excess body fat.

Your mind will be active, and your weight loss will be maximized.

The trick is in the repetition of the moves as a means to get your muscles worked to fatigue, therefore maximizing their strength and getting you the toned physique, you have always desired.

What’s Included in Yoga Burn

Buying Yoga Burn gets you a physical copy of the DVDs for use at home or places where there’s no WIFI, as well as the rights to download the digital version of the program. You can take it with you on your phone, tablet, laptop or whatever device you’re rolling with nowadays.

It’s super easy and fun to take with you.

If you travel, just think-no need to pack DVDS, just take your tablet as you normally would. Having Zoe’s program with me on a trip is like taking my personal trainer in my pocket!

Piyo Vs Yoga Burn – Which One Is Right for You?

Now, I do not mean to bash the program Chalene Johnson created. She did a great job. It’s just that the program is not for me.

It is much too easy and was not getting me the results, I wanted. I have always been pretty fit, did soccer all through school and college and now still workout at least 3x a week.

I think PiYo is good for those of you who are new to working out and just need to get started in an easy way.

But if you want to get REALLY toned and you’re too busy to go to the gym like me, then Yoga Burn is for you. It’s low impact, so if you’re like me and have bad knees, you will love it.

I can sweat like a pig and feel amazing but not worry about hurting myself.

You can start easy and make this harder as you go-so heck, you beginners SHOULD try it out!


My final statement is this: In my opinion, you should buy Yoga Burn. You just get more value for the money.

The workout gets harder as you go, so you can use it longer.

It’s cheaper. And the instructor makes you feel like she is talking to you and you alone.

Just go for it!

Click here to visit the Yoga Burn Website | Click here to visit Piyo Website

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