Tone It Up Review

Before you buy Karena and Katrina’s Tone it up, read my review first..this might save you a LOT of money!

Before I begin my Tone it Up review, I want to put you in my shoes for a minute so you can understand where I am coming from..

Hi, I’m Miriam and I’m a single mom of two beautiful girls struggling to balance between putting food on the table and settling my bills on time.

My second pregnancy left me overweight and I couldn’t stand my body in a mirror.

I shared this with my friend who introduced me to Tone it Up.

She claimed to have changed her diet from following tone it up nutrition plan but honestly I did not have enough money even to enroll in this program.

I therefore decided to do some digging regarding it and this is what I found.

Who is Karena and Katrina?

Two certified personal trainers found each other and started a fitness program which they named Tone it Up.

Both of them are women who have struggled with weight in their lives and started training at an early age.

With over 1.2 million Instagram followers today, they claim social media attention and are very popular for their TIU challenges.

If you have not heard about them yet, here is more.

What is tone it up?

The first thing that I came across on every first page of an online magazine was a picture of two young attractive model like ladies who were praising tone it up and encouraging every woman to become a member.

At this point, I honestly felt that I was missing out as I went through numerous reviews about how tone it up nutrition plan has transformed the lives of mothers.

This is a fitness program that includes nutrition plan, daily work out, weekly schedules, recipes, bikini series and a tone it up app that is supposed to make you lose weight and stay healthy. Let us discuss each at a time.

Tone it up nutritional plan

To become a member, you are required to buy their nutrition plan.

This is what makes you eligible to receive the workouts.

You are also exposed to nutritious recipes that they claim to make you lose fat as well as educational content to tell you more.

Doing lots of research, they are dedicated in bringing you new recipes and products as well as healthy ingredients that are plant based, non GMO and TIU approved.

Am sure at this point you may thinking that you are missing out.

Wait for it!

Tone it up nutrition plan goes for $150!

You will spend so much getting it and end up with a 51 page nutrition plan that is too long and monotonous to go through.

If you decide to take it up, you will go through different kinds of levels starting from the beginner’s level.

As a newbie, they will ask you to pay $ 37 to start training with tone it up.

Once you had passed the first stage, you graduate for more intense workouts at an advanced level by paying an additional $34.

Tone It Up Workouts

They illustrate workouts through Videos, GIF and apps.

By posting new work out on a daily basis, tone it up gives you a variety of workouts such as booty, Lunge and twist, band squats, bridge march and

cardio and abs. They recommend thirty minutes of each exercise repeatedly so that you can achieve results. If you thought that the workouts are free, I am sorry to disappoint.

You have to purchase workouts such as trending Beach babe 5 series at $ 34 which are not only overly priced but also quite difficult to follow.

Studio tone it up app

Moving with technology, people are encouraged to come together and train through work out classes with others as they encourage one other to train.

Their intention is to create new connections and monitor your progress as you receive support from other trainees.

Though very encouraging, you will have to pay $ 12.99 to become a studio app member.

What an exaggeration!

Fall challenge

They have also come up with a lifestyle challenge to help you refocus on your potential rather than how you currently look, encouraging you to apply the power of positive thinking.

You are asked to sign up so that you can get a starter pack to get you ready for the challenge.

Focusing more on how you feel and putting less emphasis on weight loss makes you wonder if your priorities are straight.

Other than that, training here requires you to get dumbbells and a stability ball if you decide to train from home through tone it up videos.

This simply means more expenses after you have already spent so much on the program.

The bikini series

An annual eight week challenge is organized releasing seasonal series and the latest work out. Being a member, you will receive weakly meal plans but obviously at a higher cost.

Why I don’t like tone it up..

In total, combined with the nutritional guide, you will have spent $ 221.

With no guarantee that it will work, would you still enroll?

From tone it up reviews, you can tell that their workouts are not anything different from what other trainers use.

With all these prices, is tone it up worth taking the risk? I don’t think so!

If you are on a tight budget, tone in up is not for you. Leave it for the high and mighty who don’t mind spending dollars on a program that probably might backfire on them.

What is the better alternative?

Not convinced I ignored my friend and continued searching the internet for something I could work with and finally landed on a better option referred to as Toned in Ten.

What is Toned in Ten?

Toned In Ten

This program advocates for ten minutes training on a daily basis to help you lose weight contrary to spending hours of cardio exercises that only strain your joints increasing oxidative stress.

The program encourages you to train for only 50 minutes the whole week. According to a research carried out, long hours in the gym Is not the solution to losing weight.

Read weight loss reviews and you will see enough stories of people who gained more weight from the gym instead of losing it.

The name behind toned in ten

Erin Nielsen, founder of Toned in ten is a physical therapist, a Pilate’s instructor and a primal blueprint certified expert.

With over 17 years of experience in fitness exercise programs, you can learn something new.

Just by looking at her, you will think that she is in her early twenties while in reality she is beyond forty.

The secret behind her glamorous appearance according to Erin lies in Toned in ten.

Having spent her whole life trying out various nutrition plans and workouts, she did not get much out of them. Among all her experiments to gain a lean body, toned in ten was what yielded results.

What is included in toned in ten?

Excess post exercise oxygen consumption

Toned in ten is based on the concept of the how much you burn after you are through with your exercise. This is what she calls the after burn effect.

According to a study, conducted by the Journal of Applied Physiology in 2006, two weeks of training with toned in ten increases after burn effects by 36%.

Different from what you are used to, she concentrates on how much you burn as go through your daily activities right after the exercises so that you can improve your metabolism.

Training with toned in ten is believed to leave you glowing and sharpen your mind.


She believes in 10 minutes of intense exercises that help you sweat as you get out of breath.

High intensity interval training helps your body deliver Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that enables rapid burning of fat and helps you develop lean muscles.

As you follow her workouts, you enhance high amount of oxygen to get to your blood thus regenerating cells that prevent you from aging.

According to one British Study carried out, these workouts increase HGH hormone by 450% making you look ten years younger.

Pilates and upper and lower body workouts used in toned in ten, help your body produce more adrenaline so that more fats can be released and used up as energy for a short while.

This defies what long cardio exercises are all about. Short workouts focusing on your burst yields faster results without you injuring yourself.

Unlike in the gym, you will exhaust your body within few minutes and gain from it.

Training with machines that tell how much calories you are burning is not true since no machine can accurately tell how much you lose.

Being a Pilate’s instructor for a while, you can feel confident that the workouts could work on your body.

Nutrition guide

Unlike other fitness programs that make you starve in order to lose, you will be guided on how to lose fat eating healthy foods.

She emphasize on considering how much you take in and also what you eat in order to lose fat faster.

As a way of balancing your hormones, she stresses on replacing unhealthy foods that accumulate fat in your body with healthy ones.

For instance, low intake of carbohydrates, protein and grains are believed to be much healthier for you.

By providing a nutrition guide at only $67, it guides you so you don’t feel confused about what to eat to lose belly fat while achieving a firm skin. It also helps you know what to prepare to improve the health of

not only you but also keep your family at bay. A cheaper nutrition guide from toned in ten will not strain your finances.

Grocery shopping list

With toned in ten, you don’t have to guess any more.

At only $ 27 your grocery is already done for you to go hand in hand with your workouts.

Adding the best groceries that help you gain enough energy for the intense exercises and get rid of unnecessary fat on your belly, thighs and bum.

Videos illustrations

Get educational materials at only $ 147 and train along this expert step by step while she teaches you how to achieve good body balance.

With toned in ten, you will not be asked to buy any expensive equipment for training as opposed to other programs. She teaches you how to get lean without lifting heavy loads or using machines.

Through this work out videos, she guides you on the tips to achieving a flat stomach and regain back your curves.

She illustrates how to lose 15 Ibs within a month and shows you the right way of executing different routines without hurting any part of your body.

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to wait for the package for weeks before it arrives.

Simply save the video that she sends in pdf formats on your computer or iPhone and train from the convenience of your home.

Secrets to staying younger

Imagine getting the secrets to anti-aging at only $ 37. Toned it ten will make you stay ten years younger by revealing what Erin personally does to maintain her youthful look.

From her testimony, it changes your perspective of looking and feeling young. Amazing right?

Is toned in ten ideal for you?

You might be thinking that this program is not meant for your weight. Get rid of this mentality and enroll today at a cheaper price.

Whether you are just a beginner or a victim of training programs that have left you more frustrated about ever losing weight, this will help you.

In case you have a chronic disease, get to a doctor so that they can advise you if your body can handle the intense workouts before you begin.

So what makes it a better option than tone in up?

Having researched on both programs, I found some similarities especially when it comes to the features that they use.

The biggest difference that cannot go unmentioned lies in the price.

Many people find themselves enrolling in fitness programs which costs so much and end up not losing even a single pound.

This leaves them depressed and vowing not to waste any more money on workout that do not work.

Understanding the frustrations that people go through just to lose weight, Erin through toned in ten, is dedicated to helping people lose fat at a cheaper rate.

So Much Cheaper!

Her program comes with a 75% cut off from the original price of $ 97 to $ 19.

This discovery put a smile on my face. Aiming at making it affordable for all and sundry, Erin is passionate about helping people stay healthy.

Enrolling with toned in ten gives you 4 bonuses all free of charge so that you can concentrate more on losing weight while spending less.

Digital materials save you time and money since you don’t have to wait for few days to receive your package.

Unlike other programs, going digital saves you from shipping charges.

This program saves you so much since you don’t have to pay monthly gym membership fees that do not yield any different results.

You will not be asked to buy any trend mills or bikes while on this program.

Confident about toned in ten, Erin Nielsen guarantees you a full refund of your money within 60 days if you don’t benefit from her program.

She promises to refund back your money in case are not feeling any changes within 8 weeks of training.

She advices everyone though that this program will not work if you just buy the package and keep it at home.

You have to be committed for intensive ten minutes exercises for you to see the difference.

Final thoughts

No matter how hard you are to convince, parting with $19 in toned in ten is far much better than losing $221 to tone it up don’t you think so too?

Stop wasting so much money paying for every new package that tone it up offers to you because at the end of it all, remember to them, it is a business.

It is true that you may have so much fun training and meeting new people through their tours but you may end up forgetting why you enrolled in the first place.

Stay focused as you save more by choosing toned in ten.

Personally, I finally got what I was looking for to get rid of my belly fat. I have had to adjust my diet but learnt more healthy foods to feed on.

Though intense, I am dedicated to the program and already receiving comments from my friend who has recently shifted from tone it up nutrition plan to toned in ten.

The ball is on your court!

Make the right choice and leave a happy healthy life.

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