If you came across YOGA BURN Program and considering purchasing it, read my review first. It might make your decision easier or even save you some money.

Hi there. My name is Kate, I’m 35 and I would like to share with you today my opinion of the program I purchased 3 months ago, YOGA BURN by Zoe Bray-Cotton.

First of all, I’d like to tell you guys, that this is my first review ever. So please go easy on me 🙂 Normally I would not even bother, but the thing is that I have read so many reviews about it when I was deciding for myself, and, unfortunately, not a single one was fully up to my expectation. Either too short or full of gibberish terms copied from here and there or simply not in-depth enough.

So I decided to do my own Yoga Burn Review and share it with the world.

Today I will do my best to explain it from my own experience. As it is totally worth it ladies. This program literary changed my life, and might as well change yours.

Let me start with telling you guys how I came across it and why I decided to give it a shot. Thank God I did.

Honestly speaking, I am not an active person at all, haven’t done much sports during my years, not to mention skipping almost all PE classes at school 🙂 But I guess the young years and active style of life always did the trick, I always looked cute (at least so I was told). Never had problems finding boyfriends and later met my awesome husband.

Scale hit an all-time high when I got pregnant… And even though my hubby kept saying that I was still the most beautiful woman on Earth, I knew it was far beyond that. I gained over 30 pounds and felt at times like a balloon, which will never reach the sky because of its weight.

When our bundle of joy was born, obviously there was neither time no power to take care of this “issue” (new moms would easily relate to that). First 6 months were more like one never-ending nightmare.

Life Gets So, So Busy!!!

Not that I wasn’t the happiest mother on Planet Earth, please don’t get me wrong… But those countless sleepless nights, breastfeeding, milk bottles, nappies, house chores, hungry abandoned husband (God bless him) – one lead to another and I was no longer caring what and when I put in my mouth. And tad-dam! – plus another 10 pounds.

When our boy turned one, I sort of woke up from that nightmare and looked in the mirror. And I wasn’t at all happy with what I saw. It’s then when I understood – something has to be done.

I knew from the beginning that going out to a gym or taking any classes is definitely not an option. Even if, theoretically, I did have some time on my hands (which in fact I didn’t, as I stayed home with my boy alone), I still wouldn’t go.

Gym was never my thing: sweating in presence of a bunch of strangers, having no clue what to do with all those “metal thingies” and, God forbid, injuring myself. And we all know how much the private trainer would charge these days…

As for all those activity classes (Zumba, step, etc) – the idea of getting there on time to get the spot from where you can see something and then at the end still be one of many in front of the trainer who cannot really pay attention to all of us and just does his thing over and over, day by day, terrified me.

It became clear to me that I need to find something that I can do in the comfort of my home, in my own pace and intensity, something especially for me.

Time To Make A Healthy Change…

So I started researching. And believe me, I am good at that!

I browsed hundreds of sites, forums, reviews, and one day came across YOGA BURN. ( )

Something about it really caught my attention, I read every word, listened to every promo, read all the reviews… Researched everything about the creator of Yoga Burn Zoe Bray-Cotton. I even went to such an extent as to track down the Facebook profiles of all the ladies that left the reviews on the site.

All that just to rule out that YOGA BURN is just another scam. Turned out all those ladies really exist, and the Facebook page has almost 1 million followers!

The program was not at all costly, plus the attractive 60 days money back guarantee left me no more space for doubt. And I went for it.

Now hear this: in only 3 months I am not only back to my pre-pregnancy size and still going lighter, but I also feel great like never before!

I simply could not keep it to myself, when I know that so many ladies out there are in the same shoes and searching for solutions.

So here I come: I am going to tell you IN SIMPLE WORDS, about my experience of YOGA BURN program, point out THINGS I LIKED AND DIDN’T LIKE about it, and then it will be up to you to decide whether to go for it or not.

So WHO IS ZOE BRAY-COTTON & Why We Should Care to Listen to What She Has to Say?

My research shows that ZOE BRAY-COTTON is not simply a creator of the YOGA BURN program, but is a self-made, yet very popular figure in the world of fitness and weight-loss.

Being an international certified yoga instructor in all major types of yoga for over a decade, she dedicated her life to female fitness and body transformation.

If you haven’t checked out her amazing video, click here now to watch it. It helped me understand yoga a lot.

She was striving to take yoga to the whole new level and developed her own program for fat burn. Once the word spread out she was more and more invited to coach all over the world, leaving her own students in the studio in New York with video workouts.

They were constantly encouraging and inspiring her to make more and more of such videos. That is how the idea of creating the digital program came to life.

Now Zoe is the creator of numerous digital fitness programs, besides YOGA BURN, all having great reviews of happy ladies around the globe.

In addition to that, she is a simply beautiful and charming woman, successful in her marriage, and, what was most important for me, a great presenter with a very pleasant voice. Makes you wanna listen to her every word. That did make a difference since it was going to become a voice in my head for the next few months 🙂

I haven’t tried any of her other programs yet. So today I am going to tell you about YOGA BURN only.

WHAT IS YOGA BURN and what makes it different from other yoga programs?

To begin with, up until 3 months ago I had no idea what any type of yoga and that yoga is something any person can do. I’ve always thought of it as something way too advanced, for yogis who have already reached Moksha 🙂

However, it seems that this ancient practice IS FOR ANYONE. Due to its more tranquil nature, yoga is great even for people who cannot perform more intense exercises because of illness or injury.

I am sure for most people it is much more comfortable to train at home, rather than in the expensive crowded yoga classes in the city.

And In most cases will be mixed for men and women, and the trainer will have no chance to pay attention to each and single one of his students.

When choosing to practice yoga at home, not only there is no need to travel, stick to the tough schedules and fight for the best spot in the studio on a sweaty mat, but also no need to catch up with the trainer or your neighbors, be embarrassed of how you transition throgh the poses or what you are wearing. At home, you achieve the same or even better results without stress or irritation or being judged. And this is already half of the success.

Having established that the question is: which yoga to try?

There are so many types of yoga out there:

  • Hatha,
  • Kundalini,
  • Ashtanga,
  • Vinyasa,
  • Restorative yoga,
  • etc.

However, not all of these types are oriented to weight loss and fat burn. Most yoga types are comparatively gentle workouts that don’t involve much cardio and strength activities. But if the goal is to shed considerable pounds, we have to look for other types of yoga that are better suited to help us burn fat and lose weight. But can we really burn fat from home??

Yoga Burn is a revolutionary exercise program that was created exclusively for women to help them burn fat and lose weight, as well as to shape their bodies in the comfort of their home. The program is a super easy to follow 12-week follow-along video set, offering tutorials for every step of the way.

The secret behind it all is, what they call, the Dynamic Sequencing. While reading the site, you will find a lot of very reasonable explanations on how it works exactly. However, it is too scientific for me to comprehend or to share it with you.

In simple words, the sequences of poses and linked movements are built in a rather dynamic way to raise the temperature of the body, focusing on particular core muscles and leading eventually to increase of the metabolism.

Dynamic Sequencing is the method that shows us how to execute every single movement in the correct way, it increases gradually and adapts to the challenge once we progress and get used to the workout.

Finally, it forces our organisms to change and adapt as well, which leads to a shapely and more feminine body by toning muscles and burning a significant amount of fat.

And most important, you will feel so much better about the way you look.

In other words, there are many benefits that YOGA BURN program provides in comparison to other programs giving ladies a chance for a healthier lifestyle without spending hundreds of dollars on gym memberships.

Throughout the entire course, Zoe becomes your personal, virtual Yoga instructor, guiding you through each pose, explaining what each pose can do for you, repeating herself when necessary.

All you have to do is to follow the instructions step by step and the results will come faster than you expect.

Click here to visit Zoe’s Yoga Burn Website

What is included in YOGA BURN Program?

Unlike other digital workout programs, that, besides the DVDs, might provide you some useless charts, pamphlets, or other additional literature, when ordering YOGA BURN you will receive only the actual programs: series of videos on DVDs and digital copies. But actually, that is all you need to perform the program.

Most of all there are no boring books to read! The whole system is digital and downloadable, accessible on any mobile device (tablets, laptops, smartphones).

The series consists of VIDEOS OF 3 MAIN PHASES plus 3 BONUS VIDEOS


The whole program is built on 3 main phases, called FLOWS;

each corresponds to a particular level of your preparedness and performance. It will take you gradually and safely from one level to another, leaving no unanswered questions behind.

These three phases are interlinked to help an ordinary woman deal with her day-to-day problems of extra pounds and lack of self-confidence.

Each phase is a 45 minutes video which should be performed for a month, preferably 2-3 times a week.

I personally took it slow. Honestly speaking, in the very beginning I couldn’t even get through the first 15 minutes of the training. Gradually I managed to perform the video until the end and moved from once a week to 3 times a week.

  • Foundational Flow –Phase 1

The initial phase is designed to be your foundation and to get your body familiar and comfortable with the basics of Yoga and is pretty easy for almost anyone to do. This phase is especially impotent for beginners, like me. The first 4 weeks are dedicated to teaching you the main yoga poses, to get to know your body and the types of muscles you never knew you have 🙂

It is a fun way to study and prepare well for the next 2 phases.

  • Transitional Flow – Phase 2

In the second phase you will learn how to successfully combine the poses and moves you learned in the first phase into a very smooth flow. This month you will start to feel more comfortable with your body and have more fun upon seeing first results and changes of your body and mind to the better. It feels really great to see how you can link all the poses you learned together.

The main focus of the workouts of the second phase is on the large muscle groups.  It consists of 3 work videos: Upper Body, Core, and Lower Body.

  • Mastery Flow – Phase 3

This month get ready to suck it up and really work out! It is about time to put together all the things learned in the first two phases and combine them into an intense sequence that will fire up your metabolism and bring you to the body you could never imagine you could have by doing yoga only.

The layout of the videos of the third phase is a bit different. Every pose is repeated numerously to achieve tiredness of the targeted muscles. With the help of the special guidance you will learn more complex movements of the lower and the upper body performed in the shortest time possible. This is the time most of your extra kgs are gone! 


Aside from the videos for the described above three main phases, there are also 3 other awesome bonus videos you will get from YOGA BURN.

  1. YOGA BURN FOLLOW ON AUDIO CLASS is an audio version of the main program that you can listen anywhere you are, as long as you have any mobile device with you.
  2. TRANQUILITY FLOW is a very unique sequence of poses designed specifically to release stress and tension.
  3. YOGA MONTHLY – a great tutorial about all types of traditional yoga to understand for the future what style of yoga is best for you.


Obviously, YOGA BURN has a lot of benefits:

  • you no longer need to travel for your training, as it can be done in the comfort of your own home;
  • you do not have to worry about practicing in front of other people in the studio, neither about what you wear, what mat you use, nor how you are succeeding with poses;
  • you do not have to worry about keeping up with the instructor, you can stop any moment, relax, jump back a minute to have Zoe explain the pose again;
  • as a beginner you do not have to try to catch up with more advanced members of the class, while not slowing down those who are way more advanced then you;
  • as a beginner you have more opportunities to progress, as you follow the instructions of your very own personal virtual instructor;
  • you are less likely to get any injury carefully following the instructions on the video, than in the class without individual supervision and gradual development;
  • you will be getting yoga instructions that are very easy to understand and to follow each step of the way;
  • the program is suitable for all the ladies, regardless of their age, social status, backgrounds, occupations or fitness levels;
  • the program can be used even by pregnant ladies, especially the Beginners’ phase and the videos from the Tranquility bonus. Plus you will be provided with a full list of modifications to the main poses according to the trimester. Later the program will help you to get back into shape after delivering.
  • it is fairly inexpensive;
  • it is supported by a 60-day satisfaction money back guarantee. They claim to return all the money, no questions asked, in case you are not fully satisfied with the results. That’s how much they ARE certain you will;
  • the workouts are great for stretching and flexibility, though initially designed to burn fat;
  • you will feel more energized and stress-relieved after every exercise;
  • all the Yoga poses in the program are strategically arranged from easiest to hardest, which enables women that are new to Yoga not to fall behind;
  • the program is not boring thanks to Dynamic Sequencing. It is one of the biggest issues with any type of digital workouts, that it is very likely to become boring once you mastered the routine;
  • you will be getting both a digital and physical/DVD version of Yoga Burn program.


I really want to say here NOTHING 🙂 And that would be true.

But there are a few aspects.

  • the program is ONLY for ladies (sorry gentlemen);
  • the program requires lots of self-discipline: no one will run after you and remind you or force you to exercise. It is up to you and you only. So if you lack self-discipline – perhaps this is no for you;
  • the final results differ from person to person. It really depends on the efforts put into exercising, the time dedicated to it, the eating habits, etc. The program itself will not magically melt the kgs off your butt. You really need to put yourself out there and work on it.
  • while promoting the program on their videos they mainly show only fit and slim women, while the majority of us who are searching for solutions to lose weight ain’t exactly looking like that 🙂 But that didn’t discourage me at all. Hope it won’t you too. Patience, and soon you look like that yourself! I almost do!

Sounds great? Isn’t it?

One would probably think IT IS SUPER EXPENSIVE.

With all the benefits listed above, the program practically substitutes costly memberships and services of a personal trainer.

Well, I have to tell you that it’s not. At least I do not think it is.

All in all the whole course of 3 phases together with the free bonuses is ONLY $37 plus some shipping fees. Or else you can get 2 sets for only $57, if perhaps you have a friend or relative who would like to do it with you.

I came across some ads on Instagram offering courses of some yoga gurus with no feedback or referrals asking for over 100 bucks!! So I say $37 is totally doable, considering the amount of useful info and support you get. Besides, you can always get your money back if you find it not up to your expectations. Now you have literally nothing to lose, but extra lbs!


Honestly, they are impressive. Overall I lost about 30 pounds!

But deep in my heart I know they could have been even better if I only gave it a bit more efforts the first month and started a better eating lifestyle earlier.

Unfortunately, I have adjusted my habits only during the second month, when started seeing the results.

But I am still very happy, and will continue to “lighten up”.



Sure thing I do! That’s the only reason I spent a few hours writing this review while our “Bundle of Joy” is out with Daddy.

I will do my best to visit this page again and perhaps updated it with my latest results. Meantime, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask and please let me know if this review was at all helpful to you!

If you do purchase YOGA BURN program and follow it, I’d like you to share your experience with us here. That way we learn from each other.

And lastly, I am sure you already know where to purchase YOGA BURN from. But just in case, this is where I purchased it from ———-

Best of Luck in your journey!

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